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Welcome to our site and thank you for visiting. The purpose of this site is to educate workers across Massachusetts about the standards that the law sets for employers. Under the law, employers owe their employees a number of significant obligations. Unfortunately, far too many employers fail to live up to these obligations. In Massachusetts, employees have special, well defined rights and employers who violate those rights can be subject to serious penalties, including paying triple damages for amounts owed to employees.

Worker rights are well defined in Massachusetts because our Commonwealth takes worker protection very seriously. This website is dedicated to realizing the principles set forth in the law and teaching its visitors about new and interesting developments surrounding Massachusetts Wage & Hour law. Visit the misclassification page to learn about the law related to independent contractors. Learn about an employer's obligations to pay a premium for more than 40 hours of work in a workweek on the overtime page. You can also read about the Massachusetts minimum wage, special rules that apply to tipped employees, and Massachusetts law related to meal breaks, salaries, commissions and earned vacation time. You can also learn about rights you may have to compensation if you have had your wages withheld or have been improperly paid.

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